The lust of a mountain goat

  “How far can you go to follow your heart?” a question comfortably placed in my consciousness among some exhilaration, curiosity and a yearning to see my love. The journey came as a refreshing breeze through under the shut door, blowing away the grains of dust born over time. As I slid into the back […]

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The road to Aizawl

The incessant changes in the itinerary, early arrival at the airport due to excitement followed by dismayedness due to delay of the flight, pile of doubts and inhibitions about the new place swept by excessively optimistic thoughts served as perfect ingredients to spice up the curiosity which for a very long time was overwhelmingly jumping […]

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Walk of a Pilgrim

They say that the most beautiful moments of life make you lose the sense of time, but what if every moment spent feels like a lifetime, if you could feel the rustling resonance of each atom around you, if you could sense the energy that your feet are exerting on sacred soil leaving behind some […]

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The Journey into the night..

One evening while going back to my little Mizo-hostel from office I could not help but realize the ironic presence of the damp wind wrapped in the sunshine at dusk. It was trembling but making its existence felt. I too was walking on the brink of some sort of bewilderment, touching the rather yellow grass […]

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